Tanya Neate

I love my job!

It is a special privilege to hold space for someone who needs to be heard. It is a beautiful thing to build trust, an alliance, a therapeutic relationship, with another human and then travel with them on their journey to heal, grow, or resolve challenges. 

As a generalist counsellor, I get to work with a diverse range of people and problems. Predominantly my work is with grief and loss, trauma, and relationship issues. I very much enjoy couples therapy, as so many of our problems relate to relationships. At least with couples therapy we have both parties in the room and we can effectively work together to address the issues. Working with teens has become another special interest of mine and I honour the therapeutic relationship I build with these struggling young people.

My other role is as a first responder for 1800RESPECT and this involves primarily with issues of family, domestic, and sexual violence, and workplace sexual harassment. This role is challenging and rewarding and has developed my skills to support people who have experienced or experiencing trauma and are in crisis.

I am a Bachelor degree qualified counsellor, registered with the Australian Counselling Association. I currently run my own private practice, located in Croydon and Warrandyte, and also work for Life Therapies Victoria and numerous other organisations to deliver EAP counselling throughout greater Melbourne. I am a qualified supervisor and welcome the opportunity to work with other counsellors to support them in the way I feel I have been supported with wonderful supervision.

I am also a qualified yoga therapist and have been working in this domain for over ten years. yoga therapy training allows me to work somatically with physical movement to address physical, mental, and emotional issues. We also have the highly effective yogic breathing practices to utilise, which directly influences our nervous system to bring calm and an enhanced feeling of wellbeing. Mindfulness and meditative practices are also used to support clients towards their therapeutic goals.

I am available for online or telehealth sessions as well as in person.