Video Resources

A collection of video’s hastily made to help us all get through COVID lockdown!

Self Care in Uncertain Times

After nearly two years of lockdown restrictions it is becoming increasingly difficult to look after ourselves. Here’s a short video series to help with self-care in uncertain times.

Episode 1: The Bear at the Window

Episode 2: The Five Senses

Episode 3: Caring for Our Kids

Episode 4: Subjective Units of Distress (SUDS)

Tuning the Senses

Yvonne Linder talks with Zoe Broomhead about tuning our senses to receive all the health benefits nature has to offer.

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Nature and Creativity

Yvonne Lindner interviews Matt Glover about ways you can creatively use nature to contribute to your wellbeing.

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The Storytelling Tree

Matt Glover talks about using nature to help make sense of the unusual times that COVID-19 has brought upon us.

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Creating a Sound Map

Zoe Broomhead takes Yvonne Linder through the process of creating a sound map to tune into the healing properties of the natural environment.

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Screen Time

Matt and Zoe talk with Yvonne about managing screen time during social isolation.

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Mindful Cup of Tea

Even the simple, everyday things can contribute to our wellbeing. Zoe takes Yvonne through making a mindful cup of tea.

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Creating Nature Art

Anything creative is good for us! Zoe talks with Yvonne about using nature to create art.

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Leaf Rubbing Art

A technique that has spanned the centuries! Take your sketchbook and crayons out into nature and create some ‘leaf rubbing’ art.

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Communication and Trees

To survive the social isolation rules, we need to learn to communcate differently and more effectively. Trees can teach us both.

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Grief and Lockdown

Matt Glover and Zoe Broomhead chat with Yvonne Lindner about recognising our grief during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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