Wellbeing Days

Our day retreats are your opportunity to immerse yourself in a new experience, or explore more deeply an activity you already enjoy.

Yoga for mental and physical wellbeing 

Our day of yoga begins with a gentle yoga class designed to release stress and tension from the body and mind. After class we enjoy a nourishing morning tea and discussion on how the tools of yoga can be used to support mental and physical health. You will learn some of the most effective yoga practices to calm the mind and nervous system. After a nutritious lunch you will experience yoga practices that bring about deep relaxation, enhancing our ability to heal and release tension and anxiety.

We hope at the end of the day you will feel relaxed, nourished, and have a new understanding of how you can use yoga to support the health of your mind and body.

Forest therapy

This experience currently runs as a half-day retreat and takes place in nature reserves, gardens, and parks throughout Victoria.

This is your opportunity to immerse yourself in nature and receive its healing benefits. You will learn to move through the landscape in a way that supports mindfulness, allowing you to be present and open to a new way of being with yourself and your surroundings.

Forest therapy has been shown to induce a sense of calm, reduce stress and anxiety, support healing from trauma, grief, and depressive symptoms.

During the day there is time to stop for refreshments and you will be introduced to some activities that are designed to deepen your experience.

Guided activities are chosen to reflect the needs of the group but may include:

Storytelling, using nature as the metaphor to help us process our story;

Creative bush art exploration;

Breathing practices;


Time spent in mindful stillness; or

Movement soaking in all the healing properties nature has to offer us.

Day Retreats – multi-modalities

We also offer day retreats that combine therapeutic modalities. For example, forest therapy combined with a yoga experience, or forest therapy which also includes a horticulture workshop. We can tailor the experience to address the group’s needs.